Tap out

I normally do not enjoy watching UFC fights, but after a few drinks I find myself yelling at the screen, "Kill him!"


Merry Christmas!!!

Jen Gotch

I love Jen Gotch's photography. Her polaroid camera makes everything look romantic.


One of the greatest dangers of showering is getting a taste of shampoo. The bitterness makes you want to run away from your mouth.



Reasons why I very much like Leona Lewis include:

+ She seems very real (Is it because she was on a reality show? I don't usually feel that people on reality shows are real, but perhaps Leona is an exception.)

+ She is British. Fifty points!

+ Her beauty is unconventional

+ Bleeding Love and Better in Time may be listened to repeatedly. The high level of concomitant pleasure fluctuates only slightly with each iteration.


Toronto Homes

83A Marlborough Avenue. Bob Crawczyk.

51 Roxborough Drive. Bob Krawczyk.

31 Millbank in Cedarvale. 

6 Evergreen Gardens. By livinginacity on Flickr.


By Walter Schels and Beate Lakotta


Untitled, from the series NAMI (2004) by Syoin Kajii. lensculture.

Sentient V by Melissa Fleming. lensculture.
Untitled (2004) by Syoin Kajii. lensculture.

Momochi (2003) by Asako Narahashi. lensculture.
Tsugaru (1961-64) by Ichiro Kojima. lensculture.

Presumed Reality #15 (2008) by Ebbe Stub Wittrup. lensculture.

Courtyard of the Meiji Temple, Tokyo (1951) by Bischof Werner. lensculture.
Untitled (2008) by Eurico Lino do Vale. lensculture.

Telephone (1998) by Yoneda Tomoko. lensculture.

Siva as Rider of the Bull, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu (1993) by Raghubir Singh. lensculture.

From the series Serial No. 3817131 #95 (2004) by Rachel Papo. lensculture.

From the series Desperately Perfect (2007) by Rachel Papo. lensculture.

Steelworker with Goggles (1955) by W. Eugene Smith. lensculture.

Vista dall'alto di Shinjuku, Tokyo (2007) by Daniele Dainelli. 
Halong (2008) by Gonzalez Dionisio. lensculture.

From the series CDG (2006) by JH Engstrom. lensculture.

Boy playing as ghetto policeman. Archive of Modern Conflict / AGO. lensculture.

Untitled (2006) from Series: The Christmas Tree Bucket by Trent Parke. lensculture.

From the series Desperately Perfect (2007) by Rachel Papo. lensculture.

Kawaguchiko (2003) by Asako Narahashi. lensculture.

Jukkasjarvi (2004) by Lars Tunbjork. lensculture.



Throughout the winter months, my static hair clings to my face so fiercely. I already Googled how to solve this insufferable problem, but the proposed methods do not interest me. No, I do not want to use leave-in conditioner. No, I do not want to pat my hair with fabric softener sheets throughout the day (especially in public). Does this mean that I am doomed to be a victim of my maniacal mane every winter for the rest of my days? 

This and That

I took a preposterous number of photos today on the way to Buffalo. Taking photos is endlessly fun. Unfortunately, I am unable to post any of them at this moment because I left the USB cable for the camera in Hamilton. 

Instead, here are some old photos I took from my balcony in Hamilton.

The best sister in the world

Frye Veronica Shorties. Amazon.

Steve Madden Flankk. Amazon.

My sister surprised me with Frye Veronica Shorties for Christmas instead of the Steve Madden Flankk boots. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. 

I spent six hours one day looking for the Frye boots online when I was supposed to be studying for an exam. I could not find my size anywhere. With her magical shopping powers, my sister found a pair at the Nordstrom store in Illinois. It is a fact that she can always find a way to get what she wants.

The boots seem very well-constructed. I predict that I will expire before they do. 



I am going to Buffalo tomorrow to shop turbo style and to pick up the boots I ordered off of Amazon. I love long car rides with interesting scenery and no traffic. It is often tempting to nap. Here are some reasons why a long car ride can be a nightmare:

+ Awful music (especially radio music)
+ Strong urge to pee
+ Extreme temperatures
+ Body odour


Garance Doré

I went to Garance Doré today and the newest photo is of Clémence Poésy (a.k.a. Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter)! I screamed in a conservative manner when I saw it. I once read that she is a fashion icon in France. That must be an exaggeration because there are a zillion stylish French women. Anyhow, I love every single outfit she has ever worn. I also love her.


Untitled (6 of 8 from 'Leading Ladies') (1996) by Gabrielle 
de Montmollin. CCCA.

Untitled (5 of 8 from 'Leading Ladies') (1996)
by Gabrielle de Montmollin. CCCA.

Untitled (8 of 8 from 'Leading Ladies')
(1997) by Gabrielle de Montmollin. CCCA.

I am not quite sure yet what to think of Gabrielle de Montmollin's photographs, but there is something about them that is instantly intriguing.

I went to de Montmollin's website and immediately loved her; in the image of her studio, taped to her desk are pages of Czech Mate, an editorial from 2006 in W magazine.



Sometimes I try extra/too hard to be funny so that people I don't know well don't think I'm a boring person. Being perceived as boring has always been a fear of mine. But is exhausting others with my persistent efforts at humour any better than being a bore?



Tough Shizz

I made this Christmas card at 3 AM last night. It's for my sister and her huzz.


Thrifty AND Nifty!

News flash: On the sixth day, God built Dollarama!

Here are some of the items I purchased:



Milky Way by Candlelight (1999) by Dianne Bos.
Dianne Bos Photography.

E=Mc2 as Whirlpool Galaxy M52 (2000) by
Dianne Bos. Dianne Bos Photography.

Pushing the boundaries that define photography, Dianne Bos reinterprets the role of light as both the means to, and the subject of, the finished image. Galaxies is a photographic series by D.B. in which various sources of light are shone through multiple pinhole, strategically positioned to collectively emulate specific galaxies in space. The brighter the star, the larger the corresponding pinhole. The resulting photographs are quite ethereal.

Click here to see the rest of the Galaxies series.


Teeth and Tails

Jet Wing Over Prairies (1991) by Dianne Bos. Dianne Bos Photography.

Jet Wing, Toronto to Cancun (1998) by Dianne Bos. Dianne Bos Photography.

Who other than D.B. could effortlessly imbue jet* wings with squaline qualities?

*Every time I tried to type "jet" I ended up typing "jew" instead. Naturally, I Googled "Dianne Bos Jewish"; the search results were far less affirming than expected. 


Carcasonne, France (2001) by Dianne Bos. Dianne Bos Photography.

Stampede Carousel, (Ride), Calgary (2005) by Dianne Bos.
Dianne Bos Photography.

D.B.* used a Kodak 126 film canister to photograph the movement of carousels. The results engender the irrational expectation that the carousels will inevitably gain enough momentum to detach from the ground and slice through the air like fat frisbees at the speed of sound. 

*Since Dianne Bos is my favourite photographer, I think I deserve the privilege to call her by her initials.