I was going over things with my supervisor. Classical music was playing in the background. She paused for a moment, distracted by the music. "Oh, it's Star Wars," she said.


There is a clothing store in Westdale called Peacock Chic. My hypothesis is that if you shop there you must subscribe to the following statements:

a) you think peacocks are chic;
b) you want to look like a peacock;
c) you pride yourself on looking exotic/weird.


Just read this comment on a friend's photo on Facebook: "Even when you look Asian you're hot."

I guess the opposite would be a fine (racist) insult: "Even when you look white you're ugly."

Thanks for your help

I was at Fortinos and had a question pertinent to my grocery shopping. I spotted a man stocking a shelf and asked him, "Do you know if it's vodka that's supposed to go into Bloody Mary's?" He replied, "I'm sorry, I work for Coca Cola, not Fortino's, so I don't know."

Clearly, there is room for improvement with regards to employee training at Coca Cola.


Riding my bike past a couple, I heard one say to the other, "I was high in class today..."
Tonight was Dr. Alison McQueen's lecture on Rembrandt, the first in a series offered by The Friends of Art History (which you should consider joining!). After the gripping presentation, Dr. McQueen opened the floor to questions. The very first speaker, the most eager of us all, said confidently, "I think we're all wondering about The Girl With The Pearl Earring."

In the brief silence that followed I could hear everyone thinking, Ohhhh my GOD YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT. Dr. McQueen, Queen of Tact, replied, "Yes, Vermeer's The Girl With The Pearl Earring is a very interesting painting, and Vermeer would be a great artist to talk about in a future lecture."