Tremendously out of this world

 Jak & Jil

This colossal Lanvin ring was worn by Kate Lanphear, Style Director of US Elle. This picture makes me want to yell profanities such as 'holy f#$*ing shit'. 

If I were to wear this ring, I would worry about being robbed, having my hand chopped off, and then being murdered.


A frequent trouble that is distinct to individuals named 'Tara' is that they spontaneously conclude that their name is about to be called when someone begins to say the word 'terrible'.


Traipsing at the speed of buses

At the library today I overheard a guy say to his buddy, "The Russians invented gasoline-powered boots in, like, ten years ago." 



Note: All uncredited photos in this blog that are of the external world were personally taken from the window of my bedroom.

Truth or fiction

Half-submerged in the dream world, I developed the impression that I was pinned beneath the softest cumulonimbus cloud.

Times are changing

Outside the apartment, wild yelling and thundering footsteps echoed up and down the hallway. A punctuating, dull staccato supplied an inconsistent rhythm to the cacophony. My instincts warned me not to investigate, but I rarely trust my instincts. I opened the door of my apartment. 

An abandoned brown sandal lay amidst a litter of nerf darts that trailed down the hallway. Several meters away, a tall, lean, long-haired dude was reloading a colossal nerf gun. He briefly glanced in my direction; concluding that I was only a civilian, he returned to the task at hand. I retracted my head from the doorway and locked the door. 


Take what you can get

A popular aphorism is that love presents itself in the least expected moment and form. 

A firm knock resounded and I sprang forth from the couch in anticipation. I sauntered to the door with great confidence, for I knew who awaited on the other side. As I opened the door, time seemed to unravel in slow motion. Before me appeared a vision of divine beauty and surreal perfection. In that instant, I understood with pure clarity the power of love at first sight. No, the object of my radiant affection was not the delivery man who stood before me...no, it was the Chinese takeout paper bag cradled against his chest. 

The joys of excess

Cometa (2008) by Diego Gravinese

Diego Gravinese's Cometa (2008) evokes an intensity that borders on the extreme. The saturation of colour and stunning detail, the palpable euphoria and sheer absurdity - it is almost too overwhelming to swallow, yet it is impossible to look away. 

The future is now




The cops can't stop us

Balaclava and baklava are not synonymous. 

Balaclava: a close-fitting garment covering the whole head and neck except for parts of the face, typically made of wool.

Baklava: a rich, sweet pastry comprised of layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey.

However, both can be tools for successfully committing an act of crime. One aids in theft, the other in bribery. 



My productivity level is as low as the percentage of fat in homogenized milk (3.25%).

This will be useful one day

Supellectile: of the nature of furniture.

I'm in love with your brother

Classical subjects


T-Pain: sweet

New York fashion week

Derek Lam

Matthew Williamson

Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs



Rodarte F/W 2009 RTW