A dramatic confrontation

Last night a white dood rolled down the window and asked if C and I wanted to ride in the same cab as him. After we declined he made Asian eyes at us. I gave him the finger AND told him to fuck off. Gawd, I am so tough. And articulate. But seriously, downtown Hamilton is where the racism is at.


My fathah

My dad and I went to see Inglourious Basterds a few weeks ago. In the movie a character says "wunderbar." For the next few days afterward my dad randomly shouted "WUNDERBAH!" with gusto around the house.


Vid of Austin at his one month birthday party

Greetings from Chef T-licious

After four years of university, I have finally become more creative with cooking. I have begun to combine canned foods to create signature and exotic dishes. Why eat canned crab unadulterated when you can add canned creamed corn? Why eat canned mushroom soup alone when you can spice it up with canned corn? This is only the beginning, guys. It won't be long before I'm combining three types of canned foods together. But maybe I'll have died of sodium overdose by then.


The expression that says...

"I'm about to fart on you."


The most divine jacket

Assembly New York

Thanks, Kar, for finding the info on this Risto Bimbiloski silk parka jacket. It's CELESTIAL! I imagine that it would be fitting for only the most special of occasions, such as Christmas and weddings.

More looks than Derek Zoolander

Mark and Mark

I mentioned earlier that I was living with three Marks. One moved out so now there are two Mark's. Here is how they decided to distinguish themselves:

Mark M: I'm Mark 1 because I'm older.

Mark S: I should be Mark 1 because I moved in first. You're Mark 2.

Mark M: Just call me Daddy.

Names that possess a stripper-like quality

S and I went to Chan's Buffet for dinner. The hostess' name was Mizty.

The village

G: What's the (gay) Village like? Are there lots of lights?

Me (the best person to go to about the Village): I guess there's a moderate amount of light.

S: What he's trying to ask is if it's like a carnival.

Me: Yes, it's exactly like a carnival.

S: There are monkeys on the street giving out cotton candy.

In case you've never been to the Village in Toronto and was wondering what it's like.


This kid is to die for, cont'd

I feel like this blog is going to turn into something like the time I posted 1 000 pictures of clouds, except this time instead of clouds there will be 1 000 pictures of Austin.


I am living with four boys this year. This is my mother's nightmare come true!

Three are named Mark.

This kid is to die for

Kristin Hayes

Personal reflection

Living with three boys for the school year.

Discovered a decent style blog called Turned Out.

Reading about the art market.

Have developed the habit of going to bed at 5 AM.

Purchased the fourth pair of eyeglasses this summer.

Missing old roommates and wondering how they are doing.

Watched American Beauty yesterday and still do not like Kevin Spacey but do not know why.

Am turning 22 soon and am disappointed that personal purity level has not dropped since the last birthday.