Potential horror film plot gone wrong!

I am sitting in a study room with Erica and we are hearing sporadic bursts of deranged shouting and grunting coming from the adjacent room. It is possible to decipher only one coherent sentence amongst the savage racket: "I CAN SHOW YOU THE WORLD!" In a display of reckless bravery I walked past the room and furtively glanced into the room - completely normal looking students! I was disappointed. I wanted untamed, dirty locks, violent eyes, wild beard, flying drool...but no dice.  




The introduction to Peter Robb's (1998) biography of Carravagio, "M," is possibly the most enthralling thing I have ever read. It is as absorbing as the opening scenes of a film.

The fragments that tell us what we know about the life and death of the painter I call M float on the surface of a treacherous reality -- they're lies to the police, reticence in court, extorted confessions, forced denunciations, revengeful memoirs, self-justifying hindsight, unquestioned hearsay, diplomatic urbanities, theocratic diktat, reported gossip, threat and propaganda, angry outbursts -- hardly a word untainted by fear, ignorance, malice, or self interest. You have to apply a forensic and skeptical mind to the enigmas of M's life and death. You have to know how to read the evidence. You have to know the evidence is there -- you need a feel for the unsaid, for the missing file, the cancelled entry, the tacit conclusion, the gap, the silence, the business done with a nod and a wink. The missing data in M's life and death make up a narrative of their own, running invisible but present through the known facts.

Amateur photo shoot

N: Someone needs to take a picture of me.

D: I can take your picture! I'm Steven Meisel!

T: No, you're Annie Leibovitz!

D: Yes, I'm totally Annie! How does the screen on this camera work? The zoom isn't working....

S: He is NOT Annie.

Memories of yonder

It is weird, isn't it, that not all of our memories belong to material reality? These memories, informed by mediated as opposed to real-world experiences, are necessarily less intense and therefore more easily forgotten. And yet these virtual experiences are (often) permanently documented on the Internet and serve as objective records of the past whereas real-world experiences can only be recalled through subjective memory.
Art can't change things, but it can change people, who can change things. -- Maxine Greene


A compliment free for you to use

"You galvanize creativity like it's gold." 

Monica Mei and Jeanne Becker.



Expressions of subjectivity

I just overheard this lamentation: "I'm not satisfied with my face."


Street Fighter

When my sister's child grows up, I will tell him/her that my sister played Street Fighter while she was pregnant and would curse at the screen. 


"We 'think' art as much as, no, even more than, we 'see' art." -- Robert Solso in Cognition and the Visual Arts


Oh snap

- You ate my two-bite brownies.

- Um, I don't know what two-bite brownies are.

- That's because you ate them all in one bite.

The things we see can be blinding

I was strolling through the mall in a dreamy mood until I walked past Abercrombie & Fitch and observed a wall-sized crotch shot which featured a naked torso and a hand lasciviously resting halfway down the pants. My instinctive reaction was to blurt, "Oh, that is weird." My sister thought it was hilarious.

The photograph clearly has the potential to elicit a myriad of reactions, but physical arousal or even simple approval are surely not among them. The photograph could thus be a metaphor for A&F clothing. 


A brief exchange

- Saw F on the bus. Completely ignored her. lol.

- Hahaha why?

- Because she was in this huge group that started singing about math!

Photographic series: cop lightz 2 bright

Photographic series: 2 abstract 4 u

Toronto Fashion Week

Aime Seasonless Look Book 09

Tomorrow I will be attending the Aime fashion show at Toronto Fashion Week*. Aime is the sartorial enterprise of Monica Mei, who, luckily for me, is my sister's friend's sister. Monica's vision is of a modern woman whose style is seasonless and timeless. Luxurious fabrics, meticulous attention to detail, and graceful silhouettes are Monica's signature. 

What am I going to wear????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*I refuse to call it LG Fashion Week. It's about Toronto fashion, not LG fashion!!!

An idea for bad behaviour

I would like to witness someone commit a tort that involves a torte.


Comme des Garçons - F/W 2009


These shoes are killer. I am definitely going to DIY my own pair.

Toot away

In some apartment above, someone is blowing a horn - the kind that makes noise rather than music.

This is embarrassing

Racing Lemons by Jen Tong

Ever since I started taking Vitamin C supplements my pee has been glowing neon yellow.

Trashed and free

Dudes are intermittently yelling "WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" and "FUCK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!" from neighbouring balconies. St. Patrick's Day is a celebration of liberation in all its permutations and exalts behaviour that is considered deviant and/or obnoxious by the sober and (therefore) bitter.



Take me to the hospital

Symptoms: burning eyes and brain

Diagnosis: computer overdose

Cure: none

Palliative: crying

Charles Baudelaire

Anywhere Out of This World
This life is a hospital where every patient is possessed with the desire to change beds; one man would like to suffer in front of the stove, and another believes that he would recover his health beside the window. It always seems to me that I should feel well in the place where I am not, and this question of removal is one which I discuss incessantly with my soul.

*Read this in a post by MAGIC MOLLY.