"Henri IV enfant" (1822-24) by Bosio

This outfit would look cute on a contemporary girl. She would probably be featured on a street style blog.


"Flowers of the Field" by Janmot

A beautiful woman clothed in what Baudelaire describes as a "slightly distressing combination of green, pink and red tones," which imbues "a certain mystical quality." (The Salon of 1845)



Eavesdropping on hetero male bonding

My roommate and his friends are conversing about young sluts, ugly girls, hot girls, stuck-up girls, getting girls' numbers, girls who have annoying friends, and boobs.

Example 1:
"I went for pretty because I had just been burned by ugly...but she wasn't as fun."

Example 2:
- "I like blondes more."

- "I just like breasts."

Conclusion: girls are either sluts or they're stuck-up.


I'm loving my first pair of vintage boots!

My life is so dramatic

Studying for a midterm sucks big time, but coming out of it feeling that you aced it is such a wonderful feeling! This is how I felt today after my History of Classical Greece midterm. It makes up for last week when I thought my Ancient Greek Archaeology and Art History midterm was an epic fail and was convinced that I would never again taste the fruits of success....


Bloody fantastic news

Sharon, Geoff, and I have been accepted as web media personnel for LG Fashion Week! Look out for our deeply engaging runway reviews and more beginning October 20th at The Backseat Stylers.


Kids just want candy

My friend told me that her church calls Halloween night "Hallelujah Night."



What's going on here is that I bought these glasses off eBay (refer to discussion here) and I wanted to try them on but they have really strong prescription lenses, so I closed my eyes, put them on, and took a photo of myself.

So this is how my prof sees me during lecture...

(My hair looks like snakes!)


Bikes kill

A girl announced in class that she received a $106 fine for not having a bell on her bicycle. She hadn't known that it was a requirement. I think that this seemingly disproportionate fine is appropriate because otherwise no one would have a bell on their bike and then bicyclists would feel liberated and run over all the pedestrians and it would basically be the apocalypse.


Call me Lady Detective from now on.

Last night at 5 AM I was about to turn off the lights in my room when I heard a loud "POP!!!" right outside my door that would have prompted a heart attack if I wasn't so youthful. Fearing for my life, I stopped dead in my tracks with my arm stretched outward reaching for the lights, believing that if I didn't move the serial killer outside with his hunting gun wouldn't realize that there was somebody inside the brightly lit room. Not hearing any further movement beyond the door, I quickly flipped the light switch and ran into bed, occasionally peeking furtively over the covers to check if there were any moving shadows disturbing the faint light seeping through the crack beneath the door. After five seconds of this I fell asleep.

The next afternoon I woke up, opened my door, and immediately observed that the hind tire on my bicycle had mysteriously deflated. Seeing as I'm not the brightest person ever, it took me a few hours to realize that in fact there hadn't been a serial killer outside my door the night before shooting a hunting gun; the loud sound had been my tire popping. Who would have thought that the truth would be even worse?

A word that I dislike

Photo taken by Phil Lee.

This helmet comes in handy when I'm having a bad hair day.

A humorous anecdote

H. recounts the time she was sent to the principal's office in the second grade.

Having discovered a great puddle, she promptly ran through it whilst yelling, "IT'S LIKE HEAVEN!!!" Shortly thereafter she was sent to the principal's office for drenching her clothes.



I just discovered luxirare.com and it is BLOWING MY MIND BEYOND.


Say no to poor spelling and home-based massage businesses

Joe must have really big fingers that accidentally press the key he wants and also ones nearby when he's typing. I feel kind of bad for him...I think I'll add him as a friend.