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Some wisdom 4 U

There are many foods that I ate during my childhood that I gradually gave up as I became more mature and refined; pizza pockets are one such example. My mother used to give them to me for breakfast until I realized that eating pizza pockets at 7 in the morning made me feel disgusting. Well, it's exam period now, which means that I'm craving all kinds of foods that will make me feel disgusting and wonderful at the same time (because refined individuals like me have balanced lifestyles); so, after seven years of not eating pizza pockets, they suddenly seem to be the key to happiness. What I'm essentially trying to tell you is this: the key to your happiness may not lie in the future but may instead be buried in your past.


Hayley Williams of Paramore

I wish that Paramore was a Lady Gaga tribute band rather than a rock band.

Edit: Was that rude to say? Sometimes my compliments are considered offensive. Like the time I told an old person that her wrinkles made her face more interesting.


On the bus today, I accidentally pressed the release button of my umbrella while trying to show my student ID; the umbrella opened forcefully, spraying rainwater all over the bus driver.


My dad often asks me what the meaning is of an English word that he has just seen for the first time. A few days ago he asked me what "virginal" meant. I should have told him to use the dictionary.