"You are at a pivotal moment between the past and the future," my professor declared in class. I suddenly felt like I was in some sci fi movie, about to embark on a time travel mission to alter the destiny of humankind. But this ain't no sci fi movie, my professor went on, it's the reality of our generation, and it's a heavy reality. I knew that she was telling me something really important--in a really abstract way. Listening to her speak is sometimes like listening to foreign songs with English choruses: it all sounds very nice but most of the time you don't understand what the hell is going on.


You know you're obsessed with fashion when...

I read the Globe and Mail headline, "Many Canadian runways still too short: safety board," and for a split second thought that it was referring to fashion shows.


S: "My Facebook newsfeed is so different from yours. Mine's full of pregnant people and pictures of babies."

- "Why?"

S: "Because I'm from Blind River."

Blind River is a small town in northern Ontario. This fact alone should be sufficient explanation.