My supervisor said to me, "You're like a little pixie that hides behind doors."


At the bus stop

- "I think I saw The Guy; he was wearing the same hat and jacket. He was at the Student Centre around 5:30 PM."

- "Really?! Oh my god, he's so hot. He's perfect. Let's not see him ever again so that he can remain perfect in our minds. Are you going to the church dance this weekend?"


Anna Ancher, Young Girl Reading a Letter, 1902. Loebdanishartcollection.


Vittorio Matteo Corcos, Dreams, 1896


I was "taking a break" from work and saw this photograph by Zhangxiao. Isn't it amazing?

Zhangxiao, from the series Coastline.


People are more interesting when you don't understand them

I love when people I don't know well tell me about their idiosyncracies (though I don't wish to hear of ones that are too personal, gross, or frightening). You suddenly feel as though you know the person far better than before, and he/she evolves into a unique individual in your mind whereas before he/she was more or less interesting than anyone else. Another consequence is that your own idiosyncracies seem less strange, and, if only for a moment, you no longer feel alone in being kind of weird.

I'm thinking about this because my supervisor (it must seem as though I interact with no one else seeing as many of my recent posts have been about her, but this is not true) told me that she can't handle watching live performance, including theatre and concerts, because the sense of artificiality and security established by a distance between viewer and performer is absent...at least that's how I interpreted what she said. Anyway, idiosyncracies are never entirely rational.

An idiosyncracy/neurosis of mine is that I can't look at the dirt in plant pots because it totally grosses me out. And when the dirt is sprinkled with those white fertilizer balls, I just wanna hurl.