China Blue

I just finished watching China Blue, a documentary by Micha X. Peled on working conditions in a denim factory in China. It is nauseating to watch. I am experiencing guilt, helplessness, despair, and outrage and don't know what to do with myself.


Austin McManus


These dilapidated structures once formed a resort village in Baishawan, Taiwan.

Above all, I want world peace

While I was waiting at the bus stop, a man driving by stuck his head out the window and gave me the peace sign. I returned the gesture. The exchange was unexpected yet heartening, minute yet memorable.

Michael Paul Young



Centre Island

Blurry baby


Ta da!!!


He's finally here

Austin was born at 9:18 PM! He is really cute even though he just came out. Definitely runway material.

I took a polaroid of Austin, Sharon, and Geoff together and Austin looks like a cyclops because the flash made his face a white round blob and he was looking around with only one eye open. And yet he still looks cute...

No one ever calls me cute when I walk around with one eye open.

The baby is coming out

My sister is having contractions!!

Her and Geoff just left for St. Michael's Hospital.

Last night she she ate so much cantaloupe that there wasn't any space left for the baby, so that's why it's coming out now. Well, that's the way I see it.

OK, gotta go!


My pregnant sister

Today my sister and I walked around downtown Toronto taking polaroids of each other. It is probably the most fun thing to do in the world.

My sister is due to give birth on the 17th -- next Monday!!! I can't believe it's happening so soon. Incredible!

She likes to call her swollen feet "Princess Fiona feet."

Party Animal

Old people get away with a lot

There was a pause in the conversation before the old man said to his younger lady friend, "You're okay -- for a woman."


Between earth and space

1. The Streets Walker; 2. Neil Krug; 3. Feels Like White Lightning; 4. Unknown; 5. Unknown; 6. Erika Somogyi

Portrait of an old man

How to deal with lonely people: a concise guide for those who are not lonely

Some things that people fear the most are heights, bugs, and clowns. My greatest fear is Judy Dench's character in Notes on a Scandal. She possesses many of the traits and tendencies of one who suffers from perennial loneliness:

+ Excessive and distorted analysis of interpersonal encounters

+ Intense gaze

+ Loves cats

+ Hates children

+ Keeps a diary

+ Perceives any minute sign of affection as an expression of romantic interest

+ Projects an aloof, impenetrable attitude

+ Crazy

The fact that Dench's character possesses all of these characteristics and is old makes her incredibly frightening -- perhaps because old people are supposed to be cute and laid-back professional television watchers and knitting machines.

The main point I'm trying to make is this: if you know anyone who possesses three or more of the aforementioned traits, stay away!!! Or be mean to them.*

*A last resort if you've run out of pepper spray.

Inside the mind of a film critic

This week I watched The Reader, The Hours, and Notes on a Scandal. I enjoyed all of them and was beginning to suspect that I have no filter when it comes to watching films.

Then I decided to watch a film that Phil was raving to me about called Troll 2. In hindsight it is obvious that after watching the first three films I mentioned I would not be receptive to Troll 2. There is a documentary based on it called Best Worst Movie. One sign that Troll 2 is a bad movie is that there aren't even trolls in it -- they're goblins.

- "What did you do on the weekend?"

- "Oh, well, I watched The Reader, The Hours, Notes on a Scandal, and Troll 2."

- "Whooooa. Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett -- amazing! But who's in Troll 2?"

- "Goblins."


Thanks, Chris

- "We have to leave now. The bus comes early sometimes!"

- "Your mom comes early sometimes."


Free recipe 4 U

I have invented an all-new recipe that's perfect for those of you who are poor / lazy / bored / four years old; it's called Caesar's Mush. Sorry, now that I've discovered the font formatting options I can't seem to control myself. Anyway, here is the list of ingredients:

+ Raw button mushrooms

+ Caesar dressing

Instructions: Dip one into the other.

Calories: 0


Yours truly,

Chef T-licious


Last night was a zoo

Here are some highlights from last night:

+ We walked by a shattered window at the bank and reported it to the police. The operator asked us to wait at the scene for someone to show up but we didn't like that we were sobering up so we left.

+ We met a guy named Greg who came here from Italy six months ago. He asked me what my accent was. No one has ever asked me this question before. My mind was utterly blank save for three letters: W, T, and F.

+ I met a guy who was hopping around downtown on stilts. I shook his hand and asked him if he was part of Cirque du Soleil since they're currently in town. He said without sarcasm, "No, I just like to put them on for fun."

+ During the cab ride home we drove passed a man standing next to a dead cat in the middle of a main road.


Tip: bold, colour, enlarge and italicize words that express your passion

Tonight was the La Roux show at El Mocambo; it was extraordinary. Elly Jackson is hot. Here are some of my favourite stills from their video for Quicksand. Let's be honest, this video is beyond.

The memorable/intelligent quote of the evening came from a girl waiting in line in the washroom. Here it is:

"Oh my god, hurry up with the peeing! Sorry...I'm on coke."