I was at work and decided to visit my go-to site for pornography, The Senior Times, but it was blocked! My heart was filled with disappointment.


Dead chicken

J.W. Beatty, Ablain-St. Nazaire, 1918, oil on canvas, CN 8102, Canadian War Museum

At work I read a biography by Dorothy Hoover on J.W. Beatty (1869-1941), a Canadian painter who excelled in the genre of landscape. Here is a shocking excerpt I came across: "At the age of thirteen he was expelled for putting a dead chicken on the teacher's desk."

Getting expelled for putting food on your teacher's desk is just ridiculous. I mean, imagine it's Good Friday and all you really want is to give your teacher a dead fish, but you can't--you'd get expelled.

I hate her

Today I overheard a loud girl say into her phone, "She seriously walks like a man. Why does she do that? It's so annoying...I hate her."

I shot her a disapproving look to let her know that I didn't appreciate her crazy attitude.

In hindsight, the look may not have been all that successful considering that my furrowed brow--which was emanating disapproval--was hidden beneath my bangs.

I hope she didn't think I was admiring her visage.