Call me Lady Detective from now on.

Last night at 5 AM I was about to turn off the lights in my room when I heard a loud "POP!!!" right outside my door that would have prompted a heart attack if I wasn't so youthful. Fearing for my life, I stopped dead in my tracks with my arm stretched outward reaching for the lights, believing that if I didn't move the serial killer outside with his hunting gun wouldn't realize that there was somebody inside the brightly lit room. Not hearing any further movement beyond the door, I quickly flipped the light switch and ran into bed, occasionally peeking furtively over the covers to check if there were any moving shadows disturbing the faint light seeping through the crack beneath the door. After five seconds of this I fell asleep.

The next afternoon I woke up, opened my door, and immediately observed that the hind tire on my bicycle had mysteriously deflated. Seeing as I'm not the brightest person ever, it took me a few hours to realize that in fact there hadn't been a serial killer outside my door the night before shooting a hunting gun; the loud sound had been my tire popping. Who would have thought that the truth would be even worse?

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  1. But Still! It's still quite a scare to hear that in the wee-morning hours.