Tale of Transportation 2

I was the only one on the bus. A few stops later a middle-aged man got on and stood behind me. I suspiciously monitored him in the rearview mirror as he muttered incoherently to himself. I held my cellphone tightly on my lap, as if the sight of it alone would discourage any predator from targeting me as a victim of malicious fantasies. He got off shortly after and I felt relieved.

The bus soon began to fill up. The young man standing next to me was carrying a navy blue duffel bag in his right hand. He and his female companion exchanged words in Korean. I imagined that they had just stolen some serious cash from a bank, and that the blue line had come to their rescue just as the police were about to arrive. Just like Bumbleblee in the film Transformers. I decided that they were debating which exotic island to flee to - either Cuba or Mexico. Whether Cuba and Mexico are in fact islands, I am uncertain.

At this point I noticed that there was a disturbingly high number of people on the bus wearing tan coloured jackets.

As the automated voice spouted street name after street name, I began to imagine what each street was like. Castlefield was a vast green expanse in which a medieval castle was centrally situated. Montgomery offered quaint homes and apple trees. If one were to get off at Alcorn one would fall knee-deep into an infinite pool of acorns.

Finally, it was my stop. I hurried off the bus, pleased that I had survived the trip without incident. And it was all thanks to my cellphone.

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  1. Isn't the blue line great?

    Seriously, EVERY TIME I take it, something memorable occurs.

    'your sole reader'