Tender moments

The best kinds of songs are those to which personal memories are attached. The first few seconds of a song that unexpectedly sweep you back in time to a different place, season, mood - those are the moments for which songs are made. Personal examples include:

+ Emotion by Destiny's Child: despairing over the rejection of a crush at age 11.

+ Melt Away by Mariah Carey: lying on the sofa bed in the family room at age 12, engrossed in discerning whether the low parts were sung by Mariah or a male. 

+ I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys: performing a duet with my sister in the family room, unwavered by the absence of an audience.

+ In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins: Downing countless Peachy Lychees (peach juice + Soho) Friday night, feeling instantly and powerfully moved by the arrival of the drums at the song's climax.

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