The home of our dreams

This evening I was an accomplice in a crime: the theft of a traffic pylon. It is half my height and too heavy to carry with one hand. 

I showed my friend Mandy my latest find and her eyes brightened in awe. She asked, "Wouldn't it be awesome to live in a pylon? I would wish nothing more than to fit inside this pylon right now."

I was not surprised that the pylon galvanized Mandy in this way. Pylons are valued (enough to be stolen) for many reasons, including their warm, bold colour, sturdiness, and protective function. These are the same qualities that one desires in a home.


  1. I stole a traffic pylon in 1st year. Then I brought it home with me when I moved out of rez. My parents didn't let me keep it in the house, so its been kept in the garage. C'est dommage.

  2. Parents are so restrictive!!!