Kind of a downer

Some guy called me a whore because I told him to fuck off. It seemed like the logical thing to do in my crunked state because he was hassling me about the amount of tip I was giving the cab driver. He said something about eating my pussy. This is a rather crude post but this incident is not something that I can brush off; I feel degraded. I realize that this guy was drunk but the fact that his initial instinct was to call me a whore rather than throwing some non-misogynistic insult that I could respect reflects the reality that cultural perceptions of women have not improved as much as I naively thought. His careless words have hurt me but I wish that I was strong enough that they didn't.


  1. And this is why I still talk about feminism and women's rights/issues until my face turns blue, even though people get extremely annoyed/frustrated with me.

    If I were with you, and drunk, I would have been like "Fuck you, you woman-hating misogynistic bastard fucking douchebag!" Or you know, something along those lines.

  2. Hahaha, I wish you had been there. If I hadn't been alone I probably wouldn't have felt that upset afterward.

    This is yet another example of how drunk guys enjoy inviting themselves into situations that are none of their business.

  3. i wish i could have beaten them up for you :(

  4. You are too sweet to beat anyone up, but thanks for your support! :)