Every family is dysfunctional

Last evening's highlights:

+ M makes out with a teddy bear and then proceeds to sit on it.

+ P aims a hairdryer at my hair while I pose for the camera.

+ S demonstrates that her outfit looks better when her dress is pulled down to her midriff.

+ For his birthday, D receives a sex toy in a Christmas gift bag that is signed: "Dear S, Merry Christmas! Love, Mom and Dad."

+ At the club N pretends to take a photo of E while a lesbian couple goes at it on the floor in the background.

+ P recounts dancing with a guy and accidentally butting him in the head.

+ D and I cannot open the cab doors from the inside for an entire minute. I wonder if I am being kidnapped.

+ When we return home I take off my skirt (damp from the rain) and convince myself that walking down to the lobby in only my top and tights is acceptable.

In short, the rain did not dampen our spirits but instead intensified the whole experience...which reminds me of this sexy video.


  1. omg I also totally thought that we were going to be kidnapped and held for ransom! especially cuz that's what's happening on one of the shows I watch.
    and I think that I definitely helped convince you to go downstairs sans skirt, lol
    and the rain definitely made the night more sexy

  2. I think that there are a lot of uncreative criminals who get their ideas for crime from TV shows.

  3. hahahahaha Merry Christmas D!

  4. You definitely forgot to mention some things about S, but you might not even know all that S did.

  5. I'm trying to keep my blog PG, S!