Ryan McGinley: I know where the summer goes

Fireworks 1 (2007)

Running Fireworks (2007)

Laura (Thunderstorm) (2007)

Wade Wave (2004)

The photography of New York-based artist Ryan McGinley dissects action, defined as the process or state of acting. The captured constituent moments of inspiration, intention, execution, and fulfillment embody an effervescent energy that seems to transcend ordinary reality. The brilliant sparks of light and bright abstract colours of the environment combined with the sense of vigorous movement reflect the indomitable, fiery spirit of youth.


  1. That was simply beautiful Tara.
    I have no doubt Ryan would be thrilled to have you curate a show with his work.
    You are an amazing writer.

  2. Aw, thank you so much!! You are the sweetest person. :)

  3. agreed! well done tara! if someday you choose to curate my stick ppl work, i would feel so honoured.