I am at work and absolutely hungover. Just now I was staring at "hungover" for ten seconds because it doesn't look like an actual word. Basically, I am useless right now. Why am I writing this post? To remind myself not to be "hungover" (?) for work again. 

P.S. Dear Jesus Christ, C was egged last night while we were waiting for the bus. I'm wondering if you could give her something good (like a cake) to compensate for her suffering. Thanks in advance.


  1. Oh no!! what happened??? poor C

  2. jeez, just like what happened to E

  3. We were just about to get on the bus and suddenly there was egg all over C's legs! There was no warning at all. But C just brushed it off like it was no big deal. In some ways she's a heroine.

    It's just wrong that quality people like C and E get egged.