Glam clam

Today was the first day of the Introduction to Art Galleries and Museums seminar that I'm taking. The principal project will involve working within a group to create an exhibition focusing on Chinese texts that teach the Chinese language. The titular hosting institution for the exhibition is the Hamilton Public Library. Each group is comprised of five positions: project manager, curator, designer, liaison/PR, and education. I wanted to be the curator, of course, but so did everyone else, so I opted to be a co-designer. I've already begun imagining Tim Gunn coming into class and saying, "Designers, you have ten minutes...." It's quite a glamorous position, really.


  1. make it work!

    ANDRE! - you must single out someone to be your little lamb. andre. HAHA <3

  2. This is kind of embarrassing but I don't actually watch Project Runway regularly, so I don't have a clue what you're talking about in regards to Andre! But thanks for commenting. Haha!