Harald Sohlberg

Harald Sohlberg, En blomstereng nordpå (Flower Meadows in the North), 1905.

Harald Sohlberg, Storgaten Røros, 1904.

Harald Sohlberg (1869-1935) was a Norwegian Neo-romantic painter. The "psychic vibrations" of his landscapes attracted the admiration of Lawren Harris, a member of the Group of Seven, when he and J.E.H. MacDonald (also of the Group of Seven) attended an exhibition of Scandinavian art at the Albright Art Gallery in Buffalo in 1913.

The paintings at this show portrayed the Scandinavian landscape as both rugged and mystical. Drawn to this particular conception of the landscape, The Group of Seven began to incorporate Scandinavian themes in their paintings of the Canadian landscape.

P.S. The paintings accompanying this post are not meant to serve as evidence of the rugged Scandinavian landscape...I just like them.

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