Last night a huge, muscular white man approached me at Absinthe.

- Hey! You're cute. What's your name?
- Tara.
- I'm Zane. So, how come you don't have an Asian name?
- That's racist.
- Oh no, I'm not a racist! I'm not trying to sound racist; I'm just interested in your culture.
- Okay, but I was born in Canada.

And then I stabbed him in the stomach with a toothpick. (Just kidding.)


  1. Classic Tara

    I'm quite jealous that you were at absinthe last night, presumably for motown.

  2. Don't be jealous--It wasn't great. Absinthe moved to where Pepperjack's used to be, which is a much better venue, but a lot of the music wasn't Motown. There was a live drummer playing over recorded songs...it was bizarre.

  3. it WAS bizarre, that guy WAS being a racist a-hole, and next time I'll hold him down while you toothpick him. also - his name was zane? you should've asked him about outer space, then told him you're just interested in his culture. you are cute though, at least he got one thing right.