Today I met a volunteer named Rachel at the AGH. This was our conversation:

- Do you go to Mac?
- Yes.
- What are you in?
- Art History. Do you go to Mac, as well?
- No, I'm in Grade 12. I'm applying to Sheridan for Journalism. The thing is, I have, like, two friends--we're super tight--and we originally planned to go to college in California because my one friend--do you watch The Hills?
- Yeah, I've watched it before.
- So, do you know Lauren Conrad?
- Yes.
- Well, my one friend wants to do what Lauren Conrad does--
- What does she do?
- She's a stylist. Anyway, we realized that we don't have enough money to go to California so we're all going to study in Toronto instead.

So, there you have it: Lauren Conrad is a stylist and an inspiration, and Toronto is a poor (wo)man's version of California.

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