Test of Love

I just stumbled upon the following Facebook status and ensuing comments (names have been changed):

Vlada loving my new shoes.

Olof: You welcome honey!

Vlada: for what?

Olof: For the nice new shoes which I bought to you darling!

Vlada: tx next time I will get more expensive shoes :P

Olof: Kewl!

Vlada: Seriously?

Olof: Yeah, me like buy presents! me love you!

Vlada: lol me love you too darling (K)


  1. LOLOL
    You must tell me (in private) who's facebook status this was!

  2. Okay! It was Svitlana's status...you know, Svitlana from high school? I don't think I've ever even talked to her before but she added me on Facebook. I'm glad I accepted because it was totally worth it! Are/were you friends with her?