There are no rules

I completely regret the post I wrote condemning denim jackets. It is as though all the stylish people in the world collectively decided to don denim jackets in brilliant ways just to say in defiance, "There are no rules in fashion." 

The Sartorialist


  1. I'd wear anything Balmain. Even leather stirrups. Or a bib.

  2. HAHAHA!!!!! Balmain makes such hot clothes.

  3. I think that denim jackets are not an easy thing to look good in, but if you have great style, you can pull off anything.
    I am madly in love with the last look and I can't explain why. I saw it on the sartorialist a little while ago and fell in love.
    Her blazer in particular is amazing.

  4. Yes, the last look seems so simple yet it exemplifies true sartorial genius. A denim jacket has never looked so classy.