I dream about dust

I have recurring dreams about being late for school, not being able to find my class, missing exams, going on trips and forgetting to bring my suitcase, being topless in public, etc. Last night I dreamt that I was late for work--a first since tomorrow is the first day of my first ever job.* 

Although I would much rather dream about more pleasant subjects such as sneezing rainbows out of my nose, these anxiety-induced dreams remind me to do important things (such as putting on a shirt before going out) and be punctual for school and work. On the other hand, I never dream about being late to meet my friends or parents so I usually show up thirty minutes late. The point of this post is that I think sneezing rainbows would be fun.

*First appears thrice--probably a grammatical faux pas.


  1. I'm so glad that you're posting again

  2. Thanks! :) I didn't have Internet while at home for a few days. ROUGH.

  3. ...then you were late for work. this theory fails. or perhaps upon writing it down in the blog it became nullified? intense blogging powers. now say ill go bankrupt and perhaps ill win the lottery (even without buying any tickets...amazing.)