Not your average nun

My co-worker L and I decided to eat lunch on campus under the sun. A black nun came by and asked if one of us could take a photo of her. L did not react eagerly to the proposal, so I agreed to do it. I saw it as an excellent opportunity for penance. This nun was very picky so I think my sin slate is clean. 

I took a pretty divine shot of her in front of Hamilton Hall but she told me that her face was too small. So I zoomed in to take a better shot; at that moment a gust of wind made her robe flutter in the air. I thought it was a dynamic shot that made her look edgy yet still holy but she didn't like it. The third time around her face was the right size and there was no wind. "It's perfect," she declared with a smile. I responded with a "great" in the tone that signals the conclusion of interaction but she ignored it (how immoral!). She went on, "Can you take a photo of me while I walk toward you?" She walked as though God had spoken to her and said, "You shall be a nun model."*

Afterward I asked her, "What are these photos for?" She replied, "I would love to be in the 2010 Catholic nun calendar."* 

*Not really.