My guardian angel works at a pizza place

I was riding my bike home and feeling totally carefree. Right before the intersection I decided to switch gears -- a great folly. Suddenly, in the middle of the road, pedaling failed to propel my bike forward! What a kerfuffle. After dismounting and crossing to the other side of the road, I observed that the bike chain was no longer wrapped around the chain ring but was drooping loosely. I was alarmed but said to myself, "Tara, you were born to fix this bike."

I set to work rewrapping the chain around the chain ring but it was impossible, like a Rubik's Cube. My hands became saturated in black grease. I waved my index finger in the air like a wand and shouted "Reparo!" but nothing happened. Many cars passed by; I could almost hear the drivers thinking, "That young lady looks like she's in a kerfuffle that she can't get out of." I gave up and decided to walk home.

As I passed by Tim Horton's a young man stepped out of his black Mercedes Benz and asked if I needed help fixing my bike. He said he had seen me by the side of the road and wanted to help but had to park his car somewhere first. He repaired my bike in three seconds flat. Then he offered me a paper towel to wipe the grease off my hand! I thanked him profusely and said that he was a saviour; he replied, "Just buy pizza from Master Pizza. We deliver." I said that I would buy a lot of pizzas from Master Pizza, and then we parted. 

This "man" was no doubt my guardian angel. One does not drive a Mercedes and work at a pizza place. You know how it is, guardian angels have to make up stories about themselves so that the people they watch over don't suspect them, but sometimes their stories conflict and then they get discovered. This is what I learned from watching Touched By An Angel.



  2. Was this young man, good looking?

  3. Yes, this man, was good looking. Anyway, I don't think ugly angels exist.